“I love Decent Films! How can I help?”

From time to time I get emails from readers asking how they can support Decent Films. I can’t say how gratifying this is, especially since I’ve never put out a tip jar or any kind of donation program (partly, I confess, out of inertia and procrastination).

I’ve been grateful for the opportunity to do what I do, and to get paid for it more often than not. For the last few years, with my writing semi-hiatus as I study for the permanent diaconate, I’m writing less (and getting paid less) than I’d like, and there are college tuition bills I didn’t have before.

Now, with the new site redesign, I’ve spent more money on the site than I ever did before, even though I did quite a bit of the work (far more than I imagined beforehand!) myself. I’ve often joked you couldn’t pay me to do this work, and there’s truth to that: It’s a labor of love. But it’s also true that it takes time I would otherwise have for my family, and I couldn’t justify that if I wasn’t also supporting them in some way.

So it’s time. Here’s my response to readers interested in how they can support Decent Films:

  • First and foremost, thank you. Thanks for being there, and for your interest, even before you do a thing. Thanks for reading, and for caring. You are why I do this, and why I’ve done it for fifteen years without putting out a tip jar.
  • Keep reading. Here at Decent Films, and at the various publications that help keep the lights on at the Greydanus house, especially the National Catholic Register, Crux and Catholic Digest.
  • Just by reading, you’re helping both financially and emotionally. (This is especially true if you subscribe to the print editions of the Register or Catholic Digest, but even reading the online versions helps.)

  • Keep in touch. Sign up for the new Decent Films mailing list! If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, follow me there.
  • Share. If you appreciated something I wrote, share it with others. Retweets and Facebook shares make me happy. (Thanks to the social media links on every review and article, this is easier than ever.)
  • Talk back. Tell me what you think — about the movie, about my review, about what other commenters have said. I appreciate feedback however I get it, but what I like to see the most is discussions in my comboxes at the websites I write for. That encourages other readers to engage as well, and it lets the people who pay the bills see that you’re paying attention.
  • Don’t think I just want to hear agreement. I want to hear disagreement too. If you have a different take on a movie than mine, share it. If you think I got something wrong, let me know. And always, if I make a mistake (I make many mistakes), I want to know about it. Thanks!

  • Use my Amazon.com links. I’ve just added, corrected and/or refreshed hundreds of Amazon.com links to positively reviewed movies. (Note that I only put up links for movies rated in the A or B range, or at least C+. If I can’t recommend a movie, or even lean positive on it, I stand by that and don’t want to benefit from it.) Use them and help support Decent Films.
  • Don’t see an Amazon.com link? No problem! Buy anything at all at Amazon and help Decent Films with this link.
  • Finally, readers moved to donate can PayPal me at DecentFilms@Gmail.com. Thank you!