Where is SDG? (Live Near Phoenix?)


Some readers may have noticed posting at Decent Films has been a little light. I’ve been more than usually busy lately with various things that have kept me from posting here as often as I’d like. Partly it’s a number of exciting film-related projects that will eventually be noted here at Decent Films. Partly it’s been personal matters. I hope to pick up the pace again soon. (If you’ve written to me recently, or even not that recently, I probably haven’t responded. I’m sorry and I’ll try to get back to you soon!)

On the plus side, for the benefit of readers in Arizona, I’ll be in Phoenix this Friday, November 5, speaking at Xavier College Preparatory at 7:00 pm on behalf of the Emeth Society. I’ll be speaking on “Faith & Film: Truth, Beauty, & Catholic Teaching in a Mass Media World.” If you’re interested, the Emeth Society has an online flyer at their website. Admission is free! Hope to see you there.

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