Note: Site Enhancements


Just a quick note drawing your attention to a couple of modest enhancements in the site that hopefully make it more usable.

First, in the left and right columns, the listings for “In Theaters” and “DVD — Recent Releases” are now arranged alphabetically rather than by order of release.

Second, if you haven’t checked out the In Theaters and DVD pages recently, have a look now.

The big change is the DVD page. Replacing the previous DVD section (which was probably a little too complicated and never worked quite as hoped), the new DVD page offers a simple alphabetical listing of all titles recently released on DVD with ratings and blurb — essentially an expanded version of the right margin column, with additional context. As with the leftnav, the most recent titles are called out at the top, with all other titles arranged alphabetically.

Secondly, the In Theaters page has been reorganized on the same principles. The main listing is now alphabetical rather than by order of release, and most recent titles are at the top.

Please let me know what you think — about that, and anything else regarding the site.

Thanks to Simeon, volunteer developer extraordinaire, for making time in his busy schedule to make these updates!

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