On the Air: Reel Faith Oscar Special; Kresta


Tune in this weekend for a one-hour Oscar special of Reel Faith, in which David DiCerto and I discuss our predictions and favorites as well as snubs and such. Airtimes are Saturday, February 26th at 8pm & 11pm & Oscar Sunday, February 27th at 6am, 9am, 2pm and 6pm. You can catch the broadcast online at the NET homepage; not sure when the episode will be posted at the Reel Faith website. (If you haven’t caught our last episode, now’s the time.)

Also, this afternoon around 5:40pm EST I’ll be on Al Kresta discussing the transcendent film Of Gods and Men, which opens this weekend in NY and LA. (I wouldn’t be surprised if he brings up spiritual themes at the Oscars too.

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