Lines I Wish I Had Written: Babies


Could Thomas Balmes’ Babies, now playing in barely-limited release around the country, be the year’s most important movie? Jeffrey Overstreet thinks it just might, and while I’ve already excerpted the lines below explaining why in a previous blog post, his comments are worth a dedicated blog post:

If more artists would take children seriously in their work, depicting a world in which all human beings—older than 40, younger than 4—are created equal, we might begin to see children treated with greater care and compassion. We might be more careful with the world they’ll inherit. And we might be humbler, remembering just how dependent we were, once upon a time. We might realize that we will be dependent again on these rising generations, who will determine the shape of the world in which we’ll grow old.

But let’s face it: It’s easy to disregard what remains unseen. It’s easy to stop believing that human beings, in the earliest stages, out of sight and out of mind, are of any consequence.

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Babies, Lines I Wish I Had Written