Lines I Wish I Had Written: Hop


It’s not often that I encounter a Line I Wish I Had Written right in the headline of a review, but here’s a case in point.

Tim Brayton, who blogs at Antagony & Ecstasy, kicks off his cathartic (though also occasionally obscene) review of Hop with the brilliant headline:
Abandon All Hop, Ye Who Enter Here

That headline isn’t the only quotable bit from Tim’s review. Here’s how he opens:

I will assume that you have been unable to avoid the omnipresent advertisements for Hop, and that you have formed an opinion of it. I will further assume that you have anything like taste, and that your opinion is not positive. In fact, I suspect that you think Hop looks bad - absolutely dreadful, even. If that’s the case, your expectations are too high.

This tracks exactly with my thoughts while watching the movie (and it’s not the only line in Tim’s review that does): Coming out of the theater, I texted Suz that as bad as the trailers made it look, the movie was worse.

Oh, I love this line too:

[T]here’s an eye-brow raising moment when Papa Bunny (Hugh Laurie) makes note of Easter’s 4000 years of tradition, a calculation that makes the baby Jesus cry. And indeed, every other iteration of Jesus as well.
Lines I Wish I Had Written



Hop [video]

The hunt for bin Laden may be over, but let’s not forget: Hop is still in theaters, and will soon be coming to DVD.


Hop (2011)

Hop is the kind of movie that makes helpless critics wish we could stage an intervention. Parents! It doesn’t have to come to this!