Q&A with SDG in America magazine


Recently I had the opportunity to field 18 questions from Sean Salai, SJ for this profile piece in the Jesuit magazine America.

I had a lot of fun answering Mr. Salai’s thoughtful, sometimes surprising questions, ranging from how my faith informs my film writing to what I gave up for Lent.

Coming as it did around the 15th anniversary of my critical work, and following shortly upon the recent rebirth of Decent Films, this was an energizing opportunity to look back at my work and think about how it’s changed over the years (quite a bit) as well as my ideas on adapting to a changing publishing world (not a clue). It also feels like an opportunity to to define for myself and for readers what it is I’m trying to do in 2015.

As I tend to do, I mentioned a lot of movies in this piece — about 30 in all. I think it makes for a more interesting read, and gives readers some insight into where I’m coming from.

Check out the interview at AmericaMagazine.org.

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