On the Air: “The World Over Live,” “Catholic Answers Live!” & “Reel Faith”!


This week I’ll be all over Catholic media talking about The Dark Knight Rises: EWTN’s “The World Over Live” with Raymond Arroyo, “Catholic Answers Live” with Patrick Coffin, and our own “Reel Faith” with my co-host David DiCerto.

First on Thursday July 19, Raymond and I will be discussing Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy as well as other films now in theaters, such as Brave and The Amazing Spider-Man. “The World Over Live” starts at 8:00pm ET. (Watch EWTN live)

Then on Friday Patrick and I will be discussing the current crop of films on the first hour of “Catholic Answers Live” (6pm–7pm EDT). Listen live!

Finally, be sure to watch the latest episode of “Reel Faith” for even more on The Dark Knight Rises and more. (Watch NET live)

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