UPDATED: Catching Up, Catholic Answers Live, and Reel Faith!


Neither of the two reviews posting today is for a newly opening movie, but with the summer winding down, vacation behind me and “Reel Faith”’s summer season ending with next week’s finale (edit: not tonight’s finale; preempted for World Youth Day), I’m trying to catch up. After Cowboys & Aliens and Crazy, Stupid, Love, movies I’ve screened that I’d like to write about including today’s Fright Night as well as The Help, 30 Seconds or Less and even The Smurfs.

Meanwhile, tonight I’ll be on the first hour of Catholic Answers Live, talking about all the movies of the summer — and if you missed last week’s episode of “Reel Faith,” there’s still time to catch it at the website! Also, of course, be sure to catch the finale next Friday. See the homepage Spotlight for more info.

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