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Post: Much Ado About Nothing [video] (2012)

Shakespeare knows how to throw a party … and so does Joss Whedon. Much Ado About Nothing: my “Reel Faith” 60-second review.   Read more >

Post: The Cabin in the Woods [video]

Cabin in the Woods in 60 seconds: my “Reel Faith” review.   Read more >

Review: Serenity (2005)

B+ | ***½ | +1-2| Adults

For long-suffering “Firefly” fans, Serenity is at last a precious opportunity to find out what happens next, not to mention to learn the answers to nagging questions left hanging by the series’ abrupt demise — a journey that is at once thrilling, rewarding, heartbreaking, and wistful. For non-fans, Serenity is a delirious excursion into a world whose setting, characters and relationships are richer and more elaborate than any one-shot movie is likely to be.   Read more >

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