“I love Decent Films! How can I help?”

From time to time I get emails from readers asking how they can support Decent Films. I can’t say how gratifying this is, especially since I’ve never put out a tip jar or any kind of donation program (partly, I confess, out of inertia and procrastination). I’ve been grateful for the opportunity to do what I do, and to get paid for it more often than not. I’ve often joked you couldn’t pay me to do this work, and there’s truth to that: It’s a labor of love! But it’s also true that it takes time I would otherwise have for my family, and I couldn’t justify that if I wasn’t also supporting them in some way.

So here’s my response to readers interested in how they can support Decent Films:

  • First and foremost, thank you. Thanks for being there, and for your interest, even before you do a thing. Thanks for reading, and for caring. You are why I do this, and why I’ve done it for over two decades without putting out a tip jar.
  • Keep reading. Here at Decent Films, and at the various publications that help keep the lights on at the Greydanus house. Just by reading, you’re helping both financially and emotionally.
  • Keep in touch. Want to keep up with my work? I’ve got a pair of Substack newsletters that will keep you posted on everything I write! They’re both 100% free for now — but pledges for the future are appreciated! If you’re on Facebook or Blue Sky, follow me there.
  • Share. If you appreciated something I wrote, share it with others. Retweets and Facebook shares make me happy. (Thanks to the social media links on every review and article, this is easier than ever.)
  • Talk back. Tell me what you think — about the movie, about my review, about what other commenters have said. I appreciate feedback however I get it, but what I like to see the most is discussions in my comboxes at the websites I write for. That encourages other readers to engage as well, and it lets the people who pay the bills see that you’re paying attention.
  • Don’t think I just want to hear agreement. I want to hear disagreement too. If you have a different take on a movie than mine, share it. If you think I got something wrong, let me know. And always, if I make a mistake (I make many mistakes), I want to know about it. Thanks!

  • Finally, readers moved to donate can PayPal me at DecentFilms@gmail.com. Thank you!