Tags: Life-Affirming Comedies

Review: Juno (2007)

A- | ***½ | +3-2| Teens & Up*

Yet it’s right around this point that Juno, which has been clever and insightful, unexpectedly reveals hidden layers of complexity and depth.   Read more >

Review: Lars and the Real Girl (2007)

B+ | *** | +2-1| Teens & Up*

Lars Lindstrom goes through life doing his utmost not to. Every day he negotiates his world as an obstacle course, and the obstacles are other people. The awkwardness of proximity that many people feel in a crowded elevator as they avoid eye contact with strangers and put conversations on hold is how Lars feels with anybody, anywhere. You could say he is socially maladjusted, except I’m not sure he could be called anything with “socially” in it.   Read more >

Review: Just Like Heaven (2005)

B+ | *** | +2-1| Teens & Up*

Just Like Heaven is the first Hollywood film since Return to Me that I would put in the same league as that earlier film, and that’s saying something.   Read more >

Review: Return to Me (2000)

B+ | *** | +2| Teens & Up

The pious, folksy Irish and Italian Catholicism of Carroll O’Connor and his cronies isn’t there for the sake of either mockery or preachiness, but is simply taken for granted, just as it might have been in a film of this sort from fifty years ago, when they still made them. The story also takes for granted (indeed, depends upon) the fact that the hero and the heroine manage to fall in love and grow together without taking their clothes off.   Read more >

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