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Review: The Kid With a Bike (2011)

A+ | **** | +4| Teens & Up

Here is a film that will break your heart, fill it with hope and challenge you to say Yes to God and to your neighbor, all at once.   Read more >

Post: The Kid with a Bike [video]

The Kid with a Bike in 60 seconds: My “Reel Faith” video review.   Read more >

Review: The Son (2002)

A+ | **** | +4| Teens & Up*

A tightly wound, middle-aged carpenter named Olivier (Olivier Gourmet) works with young boys at some sort of center. His inner life, his motives and emotions, aren’t revealed to us, and he doesn’t seem preoccupied with them himself. He wears a leather back brace, and has perhaps been injured at some point; and his work itself may be a similar sort of prop against some injury of his past.   Read more >

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