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12 Years a Slave (2013)

A | **** | +3-1| Adults*

What if I were to tell you that there has never until now been a major historical motion picture about the slave experience in America? Could that possibly be true? Read more >

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (60 Sec)

Part of me kind of wishes they had kept the original title Cloudy 2: Revenge of the Leftovers. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2: my 60-second “Reel Faith” review. Read more >

Ender’s Game (60 Sec)

Orson Scott Card’s classic sci-fi tale emerges from a decade of development hell with its themes and story maybe 50 percent intact — which doesn’t make it a bad film. Read more >

Fruitvale Station (60 Sec)

Oscar Grant just might be the most memorable character I’ve encountered on the big screen this year. Fruitvale Station: my “Reel Faith” 60-second review. Read more >

Gravity (2013)

A- | ***½ | +2| Teens & Up*

Gorgeous, nerve-racking, literally awesome, Gravity takes us to a world much nearer in both time and space than Duncan Jones’ Moon; nearer even than the layer of satellites that our mobile phones and GPS devices talk to every day: only about 350 miles away, in the low Earth orbit of the Hubble Space Telescope. Roughly the distance from Los Angeles to San Francisco — but oh, that’s far enough. Read more >

Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The (60 Sec)

I appreciated the first Hunger Games movie, but wasn’t eager to watch it again at the time. The sequel has me wanting to watch the first film again — in a good way. Read more >

Jungle Book, The (Diamond Ed) (1967)

B+ | ***½ | +1| Kids & Up

The last Disney animated film overseen by Walt himself gets a new two-disc “Diamond Edition“ with Blu-ray, DVD and digital copy.  Read more >

Thor: The Dark World (60 Sec)

Is Loki a villain or an antihero? Either way, the fan favorite is basically the Marvel Universe’s answer to Catwoman, but he can’t carry the movie if he isn’t the main antagonist. Read more >

DVD — Recent

After Earth (60 Sec)

Is After Earth really as bad as people are saying? Here’s my “Reel Faith” 60-second review. Read more >

Conjuring, The (60 Sec)

Thirty years after The Exorcist, when it comes to fighting the powers of hell, the Catholic Church still has the heavy artillery, as Roger Ebert once wrote. The Conjuring: my “Reel Faith” 60-second review. Read more >

Croods, The (60 Sec)

The Croods in 60 seconds: my “Reel Faith” review. Read more >

Epic (2013)

B- | **½ | +1-1| Kids & Up

At its best, Epic produces images of poetic power, even grandeur … The catch is that the world the filmmakers create is far more interesting than the story they tell in it or the characters they put in it.  Read more >

Fantastic Voyage (Blu-ray) (1966)

B+ | *** | +0| Kids & Up

A landmark of 1960s sci-fi, Fantastic Voyage remains compelling entertainment despite dated special effects, deliberate pacing, and indifferent dialogue and acting, thanks in part to the genuine wonder it brings to its premise.  Read more >

Great Gatsby, The (60 Sec)

The Great Gatsby in 60 seconds: my “Reel Faith” review. Read more >

Iron Man Three (2013)

C+ | **½ | -1| Teens & Up*

It’s a potentially promising setup for a slam-bang finale to what has been, despite its flaws, one of the brightest and most entertaining franchises around. Unfortunately, the slapdash plot is pretty much a disaster. A string of miscalculations hamper the fun. And a late revelation, when you stop and think about it, undermines most of the preceding drama. Read more >

Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The (Blu-ray) (1977)

A- | ***½ | +1| Kids & Up*

Disney’s classic adaptation of A. A. Milne comes to Blu-ray.  Read more >

Monsters University (2013)

B | *** | +2-1| Kids & Up

Monsters University, from first-time director Dan Scanlon, is a charming, well-crafted trifle — at least until the subversive last act, when it sets its sights a bit higher.  Read more >

Much Ado About Nothing (60 Sec) (2012)

Shakespeare knows how to throw a party … and so does Joss Whedon. Much Ado About Nothing: my “Reel Faith” 60-second review. Read more >

Stalag 17 (Blu-ray) (1953)

A | ***½ | +1| Teens & Up

Billy Wilder’s rough-around-the-edges World War II comedy–drama comes to Blu-ray.  Read more >

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

B+ | *** | +1-1| Teens & Up

Star Trek Into Darkness outdoes its predecessor in most respects, except creative ambition.  Read more >

The Exorcist (40th Anniversary Ed) (1973)

C+ | ***½ | +2-3| Adults*

The horror classic celebrates 40 years with a Blu-ray anniversary edition.  Read more >

The Wizard of Oz (1939)

A+ | **** | +2| Kids & Up

The Wizard of Oz is one of a very few shared experiences that unite Americans as a culture, transcending barriers of age, locale, politics, religion, and so on. We all see it when we are young, and it leaves an indelible mark on our imaginations. We can hardly imagine not knowing it. It ranks among our earliest and most defining experiences of wonder and of fear, of fairy-tale joys and terrors, of the lure of the exotic and the comfort of home. Read more >

World War Z (60 Sec)

It’s the end of the world was we know it … again. World War Z: my “Reel Faith” 60-second review. Read more >

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