Rio [video]


Fasten your seat belts … I think this is the fastest talking I’ve done in any of these reviews! In fact, it’s so fast I think I’ll include the words this time, in case anyone wants to double-check a word. Let me know if you like this!

P.S. I like to have at least one rhyme in each review I’m especially proud of. In Soul Surfer it was “island” and “Thailand.” Here it’s “umbrellas” and “favelas.”

From the Guanabara beaches with their rainbow umbrellas
To the iron-roofed shacks of ramshackle favelas
From the carnival floats and their paraphernalia
To the samba schools with their dancers’ regalia
There’s plenty to see-o in Rio.

Director Carlos Saldanha’s a native Brazilian
And his palette is full of greens, blues, vermilion
Dancing and music all add local feeling
But the carnival costumes are pretty revealing…
That’s how it be-o in Rio.

A pair of rare birds, Jewel and Blu
Flee from smugglers and a scene-stealing bad cockatoo.
Blu just wants his owner, and he may learn to fly
And Christ the Redeemer looks down from on high.
Good enough for me-o—that’s Rio.

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Rio (2011)

From the arches of the Carioca Aqueduct to Sugarloaf Mountain, from the flamboyant costumes of the samba schools to the sundrenched beaches of Guanabara Bay, Rio is as colorful a look at a faraway world as kids are likely to get without reading subtitles.