“Reel Faith” is back — and what you can do about it!


I’m pleased to report that “Reel Faith”—the Catholic movie review TV show that I co-host with David DiCerto—is back for a special fall season, and that episode 1 is now available at the Reel Faith website at NetNY.net!

Reviewed in episode 1: Moneyball, The Lion King, Warrior and Contagion. Coming in episode 2 this Friday: Machine Gun Preacher, Dolphin Tale and Abduction. Unfortunately, I’ll never get around to writing up all these movies, so if you’re interested in my take on them—or if you think two points of view are better than one—“Reel Faith” may be your best bet.

With “Reel Faith” you also get 30-second video reviews by David and me. Prior to this past summer season, I had a lot of fun doing 30-second reviews in rhyming verse. When the summer season got underway, though, writing the rhymes became too labor-intensive, and I had to go back to basics. The upside is that the 30-second spots are more practical and informative, even if they’re less fun. (I’ll be posting new 30-second reviews soon.)

Working in a visual medium brings a new dimension to film criticism. Video clips help to establish the film and provide a context for talking about it. The dialogue format is also appropriate, because film criticism should be a conversation, at least implicitly, in which critics interact with other insights and points of view.

Other points of view includes readers and viewer, whether it’s in comboxes at NCRegister.com or my occasional mail column at Decent Films—and at Reel Faith we’re interested in your input too.

In fact, right now we aren’t just interested in your input—we need it.

NET is currently evaluating its lineup of shows and which shows are most important to viewers, and they’ve launched a viewer survey to find out which shows are being watched and who’s watching them. This survey is important to the future of “Reel Faith,” so your participation in the survey is deeply appreciated.

The survey lists every show on NET (there aren’t many) and asks you to rank them from 1-5, 5 being the highest. You have to respond to each show, but there’s a “Don’t Know” option for shows you haven’t seen. There are also optional comment fields to comment on the shows. One glitch: On the last question, “Location,” there’s a text field for “Other” if you aren’t in the New York area, but the survey requires you to click a New York borough anyway (oops).

Once you’ve taken the survey, if you want to do more to help “Reel Faith,” visit our Facebook page and “like” the show—and offer comments if you feel so inclined. And if you want to do still more, stop by our comments page NetNY.net and offer a comment.

Thank you—and enjoy the show!

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