New on DVD: 3/1/2011


Noteworthy home-video releases this week include one of the most grueling adult films of last year and one of the gentlest family films of all time.

Don’t let James Franco’s impression of a mannequin hosting the Academy Awards this Sunday put you off: His performance in 127 Hours (buy) richly deserves his Best Actor nomination. As real-life adventurer Aron Ralston, Franco spends nearly the whole film playing opposite a rock pinning his arm to a canyon wall in the Utah desert, but his volatile performance — and Danny Boyle’s flamboyant direction — make for a riveting, cathartic experience.

Also not to be missed is Disney’s Bambi (buy), newly available in “Diamond Edition” Blu-ray and DVD editions. I just watched it with all six of my kids last night, and it’s as magical a ever.