Best films of 2016: More lists!

SDG Original source: National Catholic Register

The Academy Awards are upon us, which means it’s time once again for my annual round-up of the best films of last year according to some of my friends and peers (see previous years).

By the way, if you missed my 2016 top 10, check it out.

This year I’ve collected 10 lists so far, plus mine. As always, the lists were chosen from a circle of friends and peers who are Christians and whose faith in some way informs their film writing. These lists (and, where available, the writing behind them) represent a cross-section of thoughtful film appreciation among Christians, and, while my remarks below emphasize the commonality, there is also a significant diversity of thought.

Looking over the lists below, I’m pleased to note that a striking consensus developed around three films that just so happen to be my top three films of 2016.

More Lists, You're the Top