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About the Overall Recommendability (A–F) Rating

The Decent Films Guide rates films for overall recommendability on a scale from A (highly recommended) to F (unacceptable).

As with every rating, the overall-recommendability rating is an index of opinion, not a statement of fact or article of faith. Readers are encouraged to read the reviews critically and arrive at their own conclusions.

The overall-recommendability rating is the key rating; it stands above the other ratings, and takes into account both artistic-entertainment value (the star rating) and moral-spiritual value (the +4/-4 rating).

Despite taking the form of the academic A–F grading system, the overall-recommendability rating is not meant to “grade” the filmmakers’ work in the sense of judging its success or failure. It’s simply an index of how strongly the film is recommended or not recommended.

Thus, films with an overall-recommendability rating in the A range (A+ to A-) I highly recommend across the board to just about anyone and everyone (allowing of course for age appropriateness), while those in the B range I would recommend to those who like the sort of film in question.

C range films I would neither especially recommend nor discourage most people from seeing. Special fans of the genre, or perhaps the star, of a given C movie may perhaps want to see it… but they should keep their expectations in check.

Films in the D range I would recommend avoiding, either because of a significant lack of artistic or entertainment value or because of problematic moral or spiritual content.

Films rated F are those that I think should be avoided across the board by just about everyone, either because of a total dearth of artistic-entertainment value or because of serious moral-spiritual problems. The F rating isn’t nuanced by pluses and minuses; unacceptable films are simply unacceptable, period.

This film is rated “C”, meaning your call.

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