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Re: The Dark Knight (2008)

Thank you for your excellent and insightful review of The Dark Knight. I read it right before seeing the film and it enhanced my appreciation. This is the first film I’ve seen since Lord of the Rings that left me blinking at the shock of re-entering the Real World from the Reel one.

It seems to me that by the end, Batman has become the Suffering Servant. Assuming the planned third film closes Nolan’s arc, myth-logic would require Batman to allow himself to be killed but Bruce Wayne would be redeemed.

I hope you don’t get too much static from National Catholic Register readers for praising something other than a “wholesome family film.”

Sandra Miesel

Thanks for writing, Sandra. I appreciate your work.

I’m fascinated to see where Nolan may go from here. The Dark Knight puts Batman’s mission and self-understanding to what seems an ultimate test. A third film would have to do more than just more of the same. The Dark Knight isn’t without hope, but it falls short of satisfying redemption, and a third film ought to provide that. I’m thinking, e.g., of the third film in the Jason Bourne series.

My relationship with the Register has been a terrific one. There’s been a learning curve for both me and readers as we’ve figured each other out. There are still some who object that, e.g., I recommended Juno more strongly than Bella, but by and large I think I’ve made my case to the readers, whether they agree with me or not.

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