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Re: The Wicker Man (2006)

Love the site — but please get rid of the The Wicker Man “Coming Soon” notice for goodness sakes. Been there for years and you never add or review it!

It is silly, isn’t it? It’s like a millstone around my neck — the way Titanic was for all the months I had that in “Coming Soon,” before I finally got around to reviewing it.

I put things there with the best of intentions, meaning to get to it within a week or two, but circumstances intervene and it becomes harder to get to. And then the more time goes by, the more I feel obliged to deliver something worth the wait, so to speak, and the difficulty in ever doing anything mounts. After all this time, simply to take it down feels like a betrayal of the people who’ve been watching that space all this time, but so far I’ve been unable to deliver. Maybe within a month or so.

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