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Re: Star Wars

Hello, I’ve been enjoying your very insightful reviews of the Star Wars saga. I did feel compelled to point out one thing in Episode III that is often incorrectly regarded as a plot hole, which you mention, but which is implied by virtue of lineage: you mention Leia’s remembrance of her mother’s visage when she was very young. You point out that even children will note the seeming-contradiction here, since Padme dies merely seconds after having held the infant Leia up to her face.

I believe Lucas was drawing upon Leia’s strong Force-sensitivity for having the image of her mother burned into her memory, even while only moments old. This is partially highlighted from the same scene in Episode VI where she is vaguely trying to recall and describe her mother, when her brother Luke prompts her with how the Force is strong in his family, and that she has it too.

I admit Lucas should throw in an extra line there for the upcoming Blu-Ray release that would address this issue a bit more clearly, but alas, that’s the line of logic I regularly see within my own research on the matter. Keep up the great and intriguing work you do!

Your proposal is ingenious, but I have two caveats.

  1. It seems to me you haven’t solved the problem, only inverted it. Why wouldn’t Luke remember their mother?
  2. Clearly the implication in Return of the Jedi is that Leia remembers their mother because she was raised by her for at least a few years. Anything else is retconning on the basis of subsequent pre-mythologizing. That’s okay if the retconning works, but in this case it’s dodgy at best.

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