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Re: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (2010)

Finally saw this mess of a movie. I couldn’t sit through it at home, so I can only imagine how it worked in a theater. I am sure that plenty of people have explained to you why Hermione had to make her parents forget she had ever lived, so I won’t bother. The thing that gets me about the movie — which you wouldn’t know, as you are not a fan of the books — is how anyone could take an exciting and engaging story and make it so boring. Not to mention ugly. HP is set in the milieu of British architecture: Oxford, Westminster Abbey, etc. One shot of the recent royal wedding shows how bright and gorgeous it all is. All the HP films are ugly and gray. Who in the world would ever want to go to Hogwarts? Grr.

Plenty of people have tried to explain to me why Hermione “had” to rob her parents of their parenthood. I remain profoundly unconvinced.

Was it to protect Hermione or her parents? If it was to protect her parents, what parent would take that Faustian bargain? Purchase your safety and security at the expense of your memories of your own offspring?

I would rather brave all the furies of hell and dark magic with the love of my child in my heart than live to a hundred in perfect peace and tranquility believing myself childless. I would crawl across broken glass and burning coals to do so. No child of mine has the right to decide otherwise on my behalf. It is the greatest crime against filial piety I can imagine — a crime worse than parricide. I would rather my child kill me outright and let me die a father.

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