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Re: Robin Hood (2010)

I’m on sabbatical in Warsaw and was tempted to see the new Robin Hood flick just because I am something of a fan of Russell Crowe, and because I had forgotten (easy to do) that Ridley Scott had also done Kingdom of Heaven (interesting how even Caligula got almost sympathetic treatment, non? a tyrant yes, but when that had a certain greasy charm).

Anyway, you just saved me a great deal of pain as I tried to tear out my very short hair from watching another effort to uglify the Middle Ages. In all fairness we both know that in a sense this is really about Robin Hood as a Code Pink activist in King Richard’s war on terror/shredding of the Magna Carta, so in a sense it is nothing really personal, but yes, I can easily live without such bosh. So thank you for doing your office: I shall find some entertainment that is simply more fun.

If my review has saved even a few very short hairs on a head that needs them, it was worth it.

I’m not sure Robin Hood has a cogent political subtext. Some critics have been toying with the idea of Scott’s Robin Hood as the first “Tea Partier.” But couldn’t you also say that he was a community organizer who engaged in redistribution of wealth? A fellow critic at the film commented that in the end the movie “goes from democracy to communism in ten minutes,” i.e., from Magna Carta to the Sherwood Forest community where no one is richer or poorer than anyone else.

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