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Re: Jesus Christ Superstar (1973)

I listen to you often on Morning Air with Sean Harriot and would like to hear your comments on the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. I’ve always loved this musical and realize there’s some controversy. Even my father who was a devout Catholic enjoyed it. Now my kids enjoy the musical. Could you please give your thoughts? Thank you!

It’s probably been 15 years or more since my one viewing of Jesus Christ Superstar, and my memories are pretty fragmentary. A few impressions:

  1. King Herod’s song is hilarious.
  2. The crowd in the Temple overwhelms Jesus with their problems; he can do nothing to help them. Does he ever heal anyone or do any actual miracles at any point in the film? It’s a pretty serious problem if he doesn’t.
  3. Other lyrics like “For all you care, this could be my body” are also highly problematic.

Here is an interesting blog post. Sorry I’m not more help.

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