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Re: The 2010 Arts & Faith Top 100

I am curious about the “2010 Arts & Faith Top 100.” Specifically, I would like to see your ranking of the same list with the “Moral/Spiritual Value” ranking beside it. For example, I doubt you would rank Punch-Drunk Love ahead of The Song of Bernadette, or A Serious Man ahead of A Man for All Seasons.

I am especially curious about the many films on the list I have not yet seen. I note that your website lacks reviews for many of them. Luckily, as a film reviewer you have an excuse to see them all. Get to work and let me know what you think.

By the way, if you have not seen Ikiru you must. It would be in my top 5.

While I hope to add reviews for a number of 2010 Top 100 films over the next year, the excuse of being a film critic is not, alas, sufficient excuse to see them all any time soon. I am also a guy with a non-film 9 to 5, a family with six kids, and a limited writing career that keeps me pretty busy covering recent theatrical and DVD releases, so there’s not a lot of time for “just because” reviews.

I think many A&F voters would agree that Punch-Drunk Love was something of a ringer in this latest list (though obviously it has its fans). As for A Serious Man vs. A Man for All Seasons, while you’re right that I wouldn’t rank them in that order myself, A Serious Man has received some intense theological analysis over at Arts & Faith, and I respect the views of those who regard it highly.

I have seen Ikiru, but have not yet come to appreciate it as its most devoted fans do. Perhaps I’ll see it again someday and appreciate it more.

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