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Re: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)

First of all, I love your reviews. I think I’ve told you before, but I agree 100% over 90% of the time. I don’t know what the math works out to. :)

I haven’t liked a single Harry Potter film since Chris Columbus jumped ship (or whatever happened). To me, Harry Potter is great because of the personal relationships. It seems to me that only Chris Columbus got it. Everyone else seems to only be interested in pushing the story and the effects.

Do you agree? Or am I totally missing the mark?

I’ve enjoyed all of the Harry Potter movies exactly once, which doesn’t mean that I found them unenjoyable after that, but that I’ve never found it necessary to watch a Harry Potter movie a second time.

I do think you’re right to say that a number of the later films have given the characters, and thus the relationships, short shrift. It seems plausible to me that the earliest films did better in this regard. I thought that the latest film, The Half-Blood Prince, was an improvement in this respect over several of its predecessors.

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