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Re: Twilight Appeal: The cult of Edward Cullen and vampire love (2008)

I just wanted to let you know that Bella and Edward eventually get married and have a baby in the books. You said in one of your reviews or articles that their sex would be fruitless even if they did get married etc. But that’s not the case in the books. I only read the first book and it’s one of the worst books I have ever read. But my younger sister read all of them and she told me about the couple having a child. It’s a vampire baby obviously, but still, they do procreate after they get married. Just a heads up.

Actually, in my first article on the Twilight phenomenon, “Twilight Appeal,“ I noted the very point you mention:

Reinforcing the point, Meyer — a Mormon housewife and mother of three — has Edward and Bella wait until the fourth volume to get married and only then have sex (Meyer’s vampires can do that, though they apparently don’t ordinarily reproduce that way).

You might be thinking about a later passage in my review in which I wrote:

As typically imagined, and certainly as presented in Meyer, vampirism makes a sickly, twisted metaphor for sexuality. Nothing like mutual complementarity can exist between humans and vampires — at least, not without completely rewriting vampire nature somehow. Vampires have nothing to give and everything to take; humans have everything to lose and nothing to gain. Humans may complete vampires, but vampires don’t complete humans, any more than a lion completes an impala.

I was writing here about vampirism per se, i.e., drinking blood, which is good for vampires, not so good for humans. If there is any mutual complementarity between Edward and Bella, it’s insofar as Edward is male, not insofar as he is a vampire.

In addition, on the radio I’ve repeated Stephen King’s quip that ”vampires are dead from the neck down.“ That refers to traditional vampires, not those of Meyer’s series.

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