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Re: Small-Screen Aardman: Wallace & Gromit Shorts and Shaun the Sheep

If you want your Aardman animations even smaller-screened (say 256x192 pixels, usually one-bit color) you should check out the 12 or so animations they did for the Japanese internet service provider Hatena, and their Flipnote Studio portal.

(Flipnote Studio being the freebie flipbook-animation application that Nintendo released for their DSi handheld game system — users all over the world have been able to create simple animations using the DSi’s touchscreen and upload them to Hatena’s Flipnote Studio website. If you want a good window into an eight-year-old’s soul, give them an animation program and watch what they produce.)

They’re not much, but it’s further proof that in the hands of a master, even the most basic tools can create something sublime (or at the very least whimsically amusing — I mean diverting!).

Um, wow. Thanks for the tip. I’ll check it out.

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