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Re: Zorro: The Complete Seasons 1 and 2

Many, many thanks for the new website, particularly the new RSS feed. I keep tabs on most things through Google Feedreader, and have trouble remembering to check specific websites. I love your stuff, and so I was always kicking myself for forgetting to check it regularly. Now, I can stop kicking.

Secondly, I am happy to agree that “Zorro”’s standard for family entertainment is unmatched. My childhood days watching Guy Williams and Co. are some of my fondest memories, and my wife and I purchased the Complete Seasons this past Christmas for my kids — five boys under the age of eight. As you can imagine, they love it. In fact, they will ask for it before anything else, though Pixar runs a close second. (I must admit to being greatly gratified that they enjoy it so much. So very wholesome, compared to other things they could be watching.)

Thanks for writing, and for your encouraging feedback on the new site. Enough readers have written to thank me for the RSS feed that I began to wonder how I got through the last decade without RSS subscriptions to my own most visited sites. So as a side effect of redesigning my site, I have now joined the 21st century and begun subscribing to the sites I follow with Google Reader myself.

I’m glad your young family is enjoying “Zorro” — and that you snapped it up when you did. Another reader has alerted me that Season 1 is already discontinued (those Walt Disney Treasures editions are cruelly limited).

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