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I am the Dean of Students at a small Catholic college in Canada. Our students are required to “get permission” to watch movies in order to help with the discernment of wheather or not it is appropriate for viewing in community. We have been hoping to compile a list of movies, mostly modern ones (last 25 years) that are pre-approved, such as the ones recommended on your website. Is there such a list that you wouldn’t mind sharing with us? I would be most grateful for your assistance.

Who is responsible for approving or not approving movies? I can’t predict what movies would or wouldn’t meet with the approval of a given authority, although I could propose possible candidates.

As a place to start, you might try searching via the Decent Films search page on movies from 1985 and later, rated for teens and up or less restrictive, with a rating of B or higher. At this writing that search currently yields 252 results.

You can also try other custom searches on genre (e.g., religious themes) and moral-spiritual value.

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