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Re: Doubt (2008)

I was impressed by your appearance on EWTN not long ago and later checked several times for your review of Doubt. I now see it might be coming sometime. How strange. How can a movie directly dealing with Catholic doctrine that’s been out for months not be at the top of your list?

Ideally it would be (although I wouldn’t say Doubt is about Catholic doctrine exactly). But in practice other pressures — publication deadlines, theatrical and DVD release dates and very tight schedules — often force me to postpone reviews that I would rather write sooner.

I have an alarming tendency to bite off more than I can chew, and an editor waiting on a piece is always going to get first dibs on my available time. Too often I’ve promised readers reviews that waited around for months or even longer before I could deliver. I’m trying to manage expectations more responsibly than I have in the past. “Possibly coming sometime” is my self-deprecating way of acknowledging my own unreliability in this regard.

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