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Re: Twilight (2008)

I just want to give you a heads-up: the book Twilight was based on was, from a literary stand-point one of the worst books I ever read. I know you can’t judge a movie from the book it was based on, and there have been some cases where the movie was better than the book (Schindler’s List as a prime example), but considering how tissue-paper thin the characters were and how stilted the dialogue was, it doesn’t bode well for the movie. Please don’t think I’m trying to tell you not to review the film. Just give a caveat on the book: there’s better-written fantasy out there for our young readers.

I think you’re right about the books: My impression is that they’re as technically inept as Dan Brown, but not as competently constructed. I do think the movie is better than the books, but most of my misgivings about the books bleed (so to speak) over into the film, as the article indicates.

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