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Re: Titanic (1997)

First off I’d like to say that I’ve been reading your reviews for years, and, as a Catholic convert and avid film lover, I usually enjoy them. Your reviews of Superman Returns and Crash are favorites of mine.

That said, I disagree entirely with your giving Titanic a C-. Wow. To a lesser extent, I think you really didn’t get The Exorcist and Million Dollar Baby (as well as a few others) either, but I think you really missed the point with Titanic.

Anyway, in his commentary as found on the 3-Disc Special Edition version of the film, James Cameron does indeed apologize for his characterization of Murdoch, and refers to him as a hero several times. So, maybe an update of your review should be made.

Thanks for the info re. Cameron and the director’s commentary. I have emended my footnote to reflect this.

Obviously I knew going in that my Titanic review was not going to please everyone. I’m gratified by your response to my reviews of Superman Returns and Crash and I’m not terribly surprised to hear that you had a different take on Million Dollar Baby — but The Exorcist? Really? Feel free to tell me where you feel that I “missed the point” on that one.

Incidentally, FWIW, you may want to know that film critics are always being told that they’ve “missed the point” on this or that film. Nobody ever just disagrees or has another take — somehow the critic has always “missed the point.”

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