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Re: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006)

An A- rating? Your review is way off the mark. Perhaps we didn’t see the same movie you did? You saw a movie that would be good for all family members. We saw a movie that was full of violence and horrible imagery. An ’R’ rating would be far more appropriate for this movie. In fact I’ve seen ‘R’ rasted movies that had far less violence. My wife was completely turned off by this movie. I thought it was exceedingly long, plot was full of holes, multiple plots were hard to follow, special effects were sickening.

There were deep sexual overtones. Lots of cleavage. virtually no “decent” aspects to this movie whatsoever.

So they mentioned the Bible. Well consider who mentioned it? The 2 morons, which in my opinion was making fun of God’s Word.

If your review is any indication of how accurate your reviews are then I doubt I will visit your website again.

And while you’re at it, please forward me your definition of “decent”. Because just like your rating of this movie, I suspect the accepted definition of “decent” by decent people will vary significantly from yours.

“Film appreciation, information, and criticism by Christian faith”? That’s a joke, right?

Where in the world did you get the idea that I recommended this film as “a movie that would be good for all family members”? Didn’t you notice the “Teens & up” age-appropriateness rating? I don’t know about your family, but mine has five children who aren’t teenagers yet, and none of my kids have seen the film, or will see it for some time yet.

I also clearly indicated that the film was significantly darker than the original (which is also rated “Teens & up”), and made references to the fearful imagery you mention. I think thoughtful readers will have a clue who this movie is appropriate for and who it isn’t.

“Deep” sexual overtones?, probably the most conscientious detailer of potentially problematic content, rates the sexual content as “moderate.” Cleavage is not something I generally make a big deal about. If you want to know about cleavage, check

You think the two comic-relief pirates are “morons”? They’re probably the smartest, most thoughtful characters in the film, though they’re obviously a little kooky. But no, I absolutely insist that you are wrong to say that the movie is making fun of the Bible, or of the pirates’ concern for their souls. The idea of the fate of your soul and of judgment after death is all over the film. Do you think it was also making fun of the sailor with the rosary who was willing to die rather than join Davy Jones’ crew?

You ask me for my definition of “decent.” Happy to oblige.

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